Prostate Underwear

You can fix cars, build buildings, fight bears, save the girl in distress, protect and provide for a loving family but one little thing can cause so many issues.

We can’t say we’ve solved prostate issues but we know we can help in a small way. After dealing with prostrate cancer and seeing first hand the impact it had on some of the greatest men we know we knew we had to do something to help.

So we came up with bullet.proof for men.

The bullet.proof range for men is constructed of durable and comfortable high quality cotton, in either briefs or boxers. They have a cleverly designed inner layer called Lami-Tex, that wicks moisture away, providing extra protection against leakage, stains, perspiration or whatever your body can throw at it.

You’ll feel more confident and able knowing we’re there to give you a little bit of back up

bullet.proof is perfect for men who;

  • Get sweaty during sport or exercise
  • Work in hot, sweaty conditions
  • Sweat… a lot
  • Experience occasional accidental leakage
  • Find that sometimes, shaking it just isn’t enough (in fact if you shook it any more it might fall off)

In body hugging trunks or sleek and slender briefs, bullet.proof (95% cotton & 5% spandex) is 100% comfortable, supportive and dependable.
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