Hairdresser Underwear

Are you on your feet all day? Are there days when you don’t have two minutes to even stop and breathe?

We know the feeling.

We’ve spent years making uniforms for Hairdressers, beauty therapists, nail technicians and more and what we found was that there was still a missing piece of the puzzle.

If you’re running, working, sweating, moving, and not stopping all day you need a little more protection than someone chilling out in an office chair.

Hence we developed ricco.proof underwear for Hairdressers and beauty therapists.

ricco.proof is made of a luxuriantly silky fabric (95% cotton, 5% spandex) with a cleverly designed inner layer called Lami-Tex, that wicks moisture away, providing extra protection against sweat, leakage, stains, perspiration or whatever your body can throw at it.

il Ricco underwear is as comfortable as a second skin and so beautifully designed that you will feel fabulous all day long.

ricco.proof is perfect for women who;

  • Need additional protection during their period
  • Get sweaty during work sport or exercise
  • Need additional protection during their period
  • Have only recently started menstruation and need extra reassurance
  • Have recently had a baby
  • Would like additional day-to-day protection
  • Have occasional pelvic floor issues
  • Demand resilient and gorgeous underwear that copes with repeated machine washing

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