ricco.proof for Women

Let’s face it ladies – everyone has a collection of nasty knickers that are so beaten up and battle-scarred they could star in their own Die Hard movie. You certainly don’t feel like a film star when you wear them. It’s time to stop harbouring criminally bad underwear.

il Ricco has developed the ricco.proof range so that you can feel like the amazing creature you are every single day, so no matter what’s happening with your body. So dependable you won’t worry about wardrobe failure and so beautiful you’ll be tempted to flaunt them.

ricco.proof is made of a luxuriantly silky fabric (95% cotton, 5% spandex) with a cleverly designed inner layer called Lami-Tex, that wicks moisture away, providing extra protection against leakage, stains, perspiration or whatever your body can throw at it.

The Lami-Tex layer is discreet, built into a cotton inner gusset that will keep you fresh or keep winged pads comfortable. il Ricco underwear is as comfortable as a second skin and so beautifully designed that you will feel fabulous whatever else is going on downstairs.
ricco.proof is perfect for women who;

  • Need additional protection during their period
  • Have only recently started menstruation and need extra reassurance
  • Have recently had a baby
  • Get sweaty during sport or exercise
  • Would like additional day-to-day protection
  • Have occasional pelvic floor issues
  • Demand resilient and gorgeous underwear that copes with repeated machine washing

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