We’re an Australian company with a passion for making incredible products. With a heritage based in Italian Design we know that style and function are equally important.

We know first hand that while you always want to feel wonderful, dealing with your body’s natural cycles and functions often means sacrificing style and comfort for security. Hence the corner of the underwear drawer reserved for ‘daggy days.’

We were so determined to put an end to this scourge that ricco.proof was born.

Now women worldwide can access this stunning range that combines glamour with dependability and comfort.

Men, never to be left out need to maintain good grooming and look and feel their best, regardless of how active their lifestyle, how physically demanding their job or how occasionally uncooperative their bodies.

The bullet.proof range ingeniously combines form and function in garments that look great, feel supremely comfortable and discreetly provide extra protection against moisture seepage and staining.

We’re committed to developing and constantly improving the range of high-end functional underwear. If you have ideas or suggestions we’d love to hear them. Hit us up on the contact form below. We read every single letter fron every single fan.

— il Ricco